Great China Hope Primary School

In 2007, Great China International Group donated 3 million RMB to start the Great China New Great Wall Community Action to help the poor students. In the same year, during the spring of  07,  CCTV activities donated 2.8 million yuan to reconstruct a Great China primary school and 40 love library in DaLiangshan of Sichuan.  

The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and the China Influential Media jointly organized the "10.17 International Day for the Eradication of Poverty", and donated 3.28 million RMB to public welfare bids to help the poor and to set up the "Great China Poverty Alleviation Fund" to alleviate poverty.

In 2009, the Great China International Group, the exclusive donation of the Great China Elementary School in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province Pug County Daping rural areas was completed. The completion of the Great China Primary School can accommodate 600 students, which can solve the school problem of three village point school with about 150 boarding students in fourth-grade students. This can allow local school-age children to have a good education. Students do not need to travel long distances and in bad weathers to go school in the city. This had created a comfortable environment for local students to study.

This is the first Great China Primary School, which is the beginning of the Great China Charity. Every year, we are actively involved in charitable and public welfare in China. We hope that more enterprises and individuals will participate in the cause of great charity with kindness and love to promote a harmony social as well as development.

"Sheraton Shenzhen Hotel on May 1 each year will be used for charitable activities and to donate to the people in need of help."

Helping education is the greatest charity

Mr. Huang Shih Tsai is a devout Christian who was very concerned about the next generation and regarded supportive education as the greatest philanthropy.

It is reported that in recent years, Great China Group’s contribution to poverty alleviation had reached 20 million yuan."I donated millions to large Liangshan hope primary school to repair the library. I felt sorry and cried when I see those hundreds of children living in poverty. President Huang Shih Tsai was glad that he had donated a large Liangshan Hope Primary School to build a library and he is happy to be able to see hundreds of children have the chance to study at school.