Business is the creator of social wealth, while the society had provided huge capital and space for the growth of enterprises

  Corporate Social Morality and realizing Responsibility
Great significance to the construction of a harmonious society

Mr. Huang Shih Tsai, Chairman of Great China International Group, strongly advocated that enterprises take more responsibility and fulfill their social responsibilities from the national interests. He played such an analogy: business and people, from small to large, and gradually develop. The beginning of the enterprise is entrepreneurship, the power is very small and weak, lack of financial resources, it is like children that need social care. When it had grown up and become powerful like an adult, it will have the appropriate capacity to help others, and give back to the society.

Great China International Group is in the promotion of economic and social development, to build a harmonious society for the ultimate goal of enterprise development. From the mountains to the schools, from the snowstorm to the earthquake, we have left Great China International Group to help the poor, to provide disaster relief, to donate to education, and to build a harmonious society, as well as to support the local social and economic development footprint. Under the influence of corporate social responsibility concept, Great China International Group together with all the staff are devoted to providing alleviation to poverty. We also provide a strong public support in various forms of positive return to the community,We have become the messenger of love.