The One Mansion: the first day of opening and sold out

Opening the scene of the sign area, buyers queued up a long queue

On August 27, Great China The One Mansion held the opening ceremony. People who want to purchase the property encircled the scene. It is understood that the total construction area was more than 200,000 square meters. Shenzhen Xiangmihu NO.1, backed by Dapeng Mountain, is located next to the municipal government. The location was facing mountains on the back, located next to government buildings, it had a private route for hiking, it has a pool in mid-level. Sheraton Hotel, large bilingual kindergartens, and other projects will be assigned there. Apart from that, the real estate had supermarkets, shops and other living facilities that the urban high-end residential area possessed. The opening day is popular with the hot scene, it is sold out within first hours of release.

Sold out within the first hours of release  

Out of the great interest in the performance of The One Mansion. At seven thirty in the morning, there are already a lot of customers came to the opening scene, they were queuing in the sign area, hoping to enter the election room waiting area. One guest said that although the weather is hot, they still have enough patience, after all, this is their favorite real estate. According to statistics, there was a total of more than 600 customers attended the opening ceremony. Until nine o'clock, the election room was full of people, the scene because there are too many customers squeeze into the back row, but the enthusiasm of the election room there did no fade.

At 12:20, the ceremony of picking a property began.  Chairman of Great China Group Mr. Huang Shih Tsai came to talk about his deep feelings for real estate development and investment. He pointed out that the Shanwei project ranked No. 1  in the city center, as the CBD Mid-Levels luxury, The One Mansion can be described as Feng Shui on the 1st, mountains, and water have Reiki, where the history of Xiangzhoutou  Area, dating back four hundred years ago.

After the start of picking an apartment number, many of the customers acted like they had won an award. Because there were many buyers, the election room has been packed with prospective owners. One customer was a bit late, and the floor of the apartment he liked was booked by someone else, but soon he had chosen another apartment, and he said in an interview that being the owner of the number, he was very happy. He also said he bought the property at a reasonable price to buy down.

From the beginning of picking an apartment number until all the stocks were sold out was in one hour, which also reflects the owners of the No. 1 loved property in Shanwei.

High-quality real estate to attract buyers  

It is understood that The One Mansion project is located in Shanwei City CBD Central Administrative District, Shanwei Avenue north, the road on the west side, backed by Dapeng Mountain. The real estate covers an area of 65,956 square meters, with a construction area of 175870.9 square meters, sitting in the city center of the Dapeng Mountain natural ecological resources, developed by the Great China Group, Community brand kindergarten. It has 4.3 million square meters of commercial facilities, including five-star Sheraton Hotel facility. The plan had a western style house with spacious flooring, duplex and other forms of construction.The entire property had a total of 597 households.

The project is located on the main road of Shanwei City. Smooth traffic and provide a convenient way to travel. Opposite to the real estate is the Shanwei Bus Terminal, it faces the west of the city government, Shanwei political, economic and cultural center area, Apart from that, it can enjoy the perfect downtown facility, supporting the best Mountain landscape resources in North Shanwei; if you head east, it will take you 15 minutes to S241 State Road about, which is direct to the Shanwei high-speed rail station. This is very convenient for owners to travel. Whether it is to the eastern Guangdong Chaoshan area or the Pearl River Delta cities, the network connection is just seamless.

Great China Group has its star property management, Great China joy property, which is dedicated to the Shenzhen CBD set of five-star hotels, including high-grade office buildings, large commercial and complex commercial projects. The property management company will provide owners with a high standard of property services. It will also introduce intelligent building management system to the community;It has an implementation of people and vehicles diversion such that you can enjoy a full range of security.

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