Shiliang Garden, a Great China Daya Bay Project, planned to build large commercial complex


Recently, the Daya Bay commercial had frequent projects. Following the Daya Bay Wanda Plaza announced the official start, the Great  China project is also passed by relevant departments. Recently, the Huizhou Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs website announce that Great  China project, located in Daya Bay West Xinliao lots, was officially named "Shiliang Garden." On the other hand, the Great  China West project is also the Great  China real estate in Huizhou's second project.

It is reported that Shiliang Garden land project is bought by Huizhou City Milky Way Industria in 2013 with 285 million Yuan. It is the king of Daya Bay area for that year. According to the query, Huizhou City Galaxy Industrial registered capital was 8 million yuan, which is a modern city of Huizhou City Industrial subsidiary, and Huizhou City, the modern city of Real Estate, is a subsidiary of the Great China real estate.

The project is located in the western region, only about 1 km from Shenzhen, Huizhou area is the highest price of a small piece of land. Around the sale of real estate are areas including Dezhou City, Fairview Park, and so on more than a dozen properties for sale, and the upcoming market Guanhuacheng Guixiang Park and Xusheng Rongjia Garden is also nearby, the latest price of is between 17,000 yuan -2 million yuan.

Over the past year, Daya Bay property market continued to be hot,there was so much attention for buyers in the area of Daya Bay. But the lack of commercial facilities has also been criticized by many people. With the Wanda Plaza enters into the West and some real estates commercial launch, it will make up for Daya Bay’s lack of commercial facilities. The commencement of the Great  China project will directly promote the commercial development of Daya Bay. It is reported that the planning and positioning of the project can refer to the Great China International Exchange Square in Shenzhen, which will bring a lot of traffic to Daya Bay.

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