Renhuai Maotai liquor had visited the Great China Group!

Source:Great China

On 2nd July, the theme “How Maotai wine can be outstanding under normal circumstances” became the top topic in Renhuai sauce wine peak Forum, and was held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. The forum had invited Vice Mayor Wei Qin, Vice President of Renhuai Wine Association, Secretary General Lv Yuhua, Secretary General of Shenzhen Wine Association Yang Kejian, Vice President of Great China Renhuai Branch Tu Yong and other guests. Together, they will discuss the future of Maotai liquor.

Weiqin said that the liquor industry as a traditional industry, wine enterprises to be more open minded, they need to think more, and actively join the new normal operation of the tide of capital to achieve transformation and upgrade.

When speaking about Renhuai sauce wine, Lv Yuhua is confident. He said that for the Chinese liquor to see Guizhou, Guizhou Liquor to glance upon Renhuai, Renhuai has more than 300 wine companies, the size of more than 1,700 burners, Jiangdu Legion is planning to enter all the major markets in the country. It had a unique environment for people Maotai liquor development; the company sincerely invites customers to invest, care and support the development of sauce wine.

“Renhuai is an excellent place to manufacture source wine, and Shenzhen is a wonderful place to sell white wine.” Speaking of sauce wine market, Yang Kejian said, according to incomplete statistics, annual consumption of liquor in Shenzhen is about 100 billion. Hence, locking the liquor market in Shenzhen is wise. They hope that the two companies can strengthen their cooperation, development  together , perseverance does the Shenzhen market.

After the meeting, the vice mayor Wei Qin led the Renhuai wine association and Renhuai wine enterprises. A total of more than 40 people visited the delegation to visit the headquarters of the Great China International Group.

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