Love transmission: Great China International Group donated millions to hundreds of poor students in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

Source:Great China

As long as you have the heart to do something, you will not be poor,  Great  China International Group Chairman of the Board of Mr. Huang Shih Tsai gave this inspirational speech that echoed in the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies University, South Conference Room 1. In an afternoon of November 16, the China Great Wall International Student Group (GICC), which is sponsored by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation and the Great China International Group, will be held at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies to complete the donation to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies for five years.

Vice Chairman of the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation Chen Kaizhi, Chairman of the Board of the Great  China International Group, Mr. Huang Shih Tsai, Vice President of the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Sui Guangjun, Director of the Student Affairs Section and Mr. Yang Minsheng, Director of the Student Affairs Department attended the ceremony.

"Transmission of Love" - The Essence of Chen Kaizhi and Huang Shih Tsai 's Hope

Mr. Huang Shih Tsai received student roster from the hands of Vice President Chen Kaizhi and presented to the student representative, a New Great Wall Scholarship Card."You gave me a warm home, let me know the way the total trials and hardships of love," the student representatives said in the speech, , "I can feel the importance of bearing this task, in the four years I will study hard, I will have the courage to try, to learn to be a man, and to have more confident to face the future. "

 "Now you can not say the word poor, you just need help, and you must face the problem correctly, do not try to complain, in the future you must pass on the love, remember that social services always ranked first." Mr. Huang Shih Tsai said.

Mr. Chen Kaizhi jokes that he is a "beggars of beggars," to use their power to raise money for poor students to help them. "I would like to thank the state, the schools, and the international organizations for their devotion to the growth and development of their students, and to recognize and learn from the many philanthropists in the community like Mr. Huang Shih Tsai." He stressed that "love is not measured by money Love is everywhere, and everyone can be a transferee of love.

To accept the donation, the students personally produced gifts to Huang Shih Tsai and Chen Kaizhi and helped them to wear their woven scarf. They present endless gratitude to the table.

"Great  China Foundation is to Alleviate Poverty " - Passing Love through the Internet

In the interactive question and answer sessions, Mr. Huang Shih Tsai lectured the students that: "life will be difficult but do not be intimidated by difficulties, we must find a solution, exercise yourself so that they become the talents needed by the society. He advised that students must learn everyday, face the problems instead of avoiding it, they must go for their dream to be successful.”

Also, Mr. Huang also said that the "Great China Foundation is for Poverty Alleviation" is being organized and will use the Internet as a global medium to pass on love. I hope the students will have the opportunity to participate in site management for the project.

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