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On August 18, 2011, Great China APP product launch that uses "Touch Future" as the theme was scheduled to host in Shenzhen Sheraton Hotel. In the conference, the Great China International Group launces the latest products used by iPhone and iPad users, including a variety of business models of the Group's marketing information. Among them, APP product that focused on service and functionality were most welcomed by the media and became the highlight of this conference.

The first interactive Chinese media business district

In recent years, with the development of experience marketing model, mobile application advertising has gradually become the protagonist of the market. More and more advertising platform has been trying to personalize the marketing experience. APP products created of Great China will be based China to serve Chinese businessmen, to help businesses around the world in the Chinese business district to share of business information so that the global Chinese will have seamless communication. This will create the first global Chinese business district mobile media. The brand of Great Chinese culture will be everywhere n the world.

What had Great China APP brought us?

Great China Group is committed to the iPhone, iPad platform for the refinement of services, rapid and meticulous to provide business services group. By download  APP product, it is equivalent to owning a common electronic membership card; you can then enjoy the contract benefits in any one of the business; this allows consumers to keep up with the latest group of Chinese business district, the Chinese community information, group information, Get a new mobile news experience.

APP products include six parts: Group information, Chinese business district, Chinese leaders, the Chinese world information, permits concessions, Chinese business publications.

Group Information

Contain a large number of information including Company profile, corporate news, corporate culture, such that customers can understand the Great China Group. Great China established the first rooted in the mobile Internet Chinese business information media.

Chinese business district, Chinese leaders, the Chinese world information

Introduce Chinese news in the world that integrate Chinese business leaders and their deeds, anytime, anywhere for consumers to read. Customers can discover the Chinese business district bit by bit; they can focus on the Group and the relevant business district information, business information, product information, Promotions and other services, to bring consumers a full range of Internet service information.

Benefits of the pass

Great China Group's first release of restaurants, entertainment, accommodation, clothing and other businesses offer, as well as to update product recommendation information for customers to provide them convenience in both work and life.

Chinese Journal of Public Security

Released the latest Chinese world books. Released Chinese business news reports for the first time.

Chinese business district mobile Internet pioneer

Mobile Internet popularity and the popularity of intelligent machines “grasp” the fact that platform is a war zone that many brands should not ignore. Great China International Group took advantage of the opportunity to launch its own APP products and to establish the first rooted in the mobile Internet Chinese business information media. "This is not just a simple service information media, but the first time the brand immersed into the Internet to offer a wider range of services for the global Chinese businessmen. This will be a collection of the brand, and also a new initiative. Great China APP product release marks the Great China International Group to be the first to move towards the mobile Internet era and for the global Chinese business community to head towards the common development goal for prosperity.

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