• Decoration Supervisor / Manager
  • Development of construction supervisor / manager
  • Plumbing Engineer
  • Shanwei
  • Shenzhen
  • Position Location Release time Number of recruits
  • Plumbing EngineerShenzhen2016/8/30 11:00:001

    Role requirement:
    In the early stage of the project, you need to coordinate with the Department of Design professional review plans. Inspect the company's project on plumping process randomly, inspection plan and program deviation, and to report a summary to operations management engineer, lead to company and issue warning and tips on corrections. Inspect the implemented project  and give company feedback on corrective measures. Report to the company leaders and to ensure the critical parts of the plumbing project can be completed on schedule. Inspection and acceptance of project quality, discover quality problems, supervise the project department, supervision, construction units for rectification. Supervise and implement the model of prototype. Coordinate the design of the project when other issues arise. Review project changes and visas, analyze the causes and responsibilities of units. Put forward comments to the leadership of the approval process. Audit the Project Department to declare the status of progress.

    Position requirement:
    1, HVAC professional, full-time undergraduate degree;
    2, Have been in a real estate company plumbing engineer positions for more than 5 years. Must complete working experience with two 150,000 square meters of water supply and drainage and HVAC projects. Project experience, with a city complex project construction management experience;

  • Decoration Supervisor / ManagerShenzhen2016/8/30 10:56:001

    Position requirement:
    1, Based on the project schedule, responsible for the development of the professional design and implementation of the progress of the plan;
    2, Responsible for the professional design of the design management, coordination, and responsible for other professionals coordination work;
    3, Responsible to resolve design problem for the professional’s responsibility for all stages of design quality supervision and control;
    4, Responsible for regular on-site inspection, check whether the construction quality is consistent with the design;
    5, responsible for communicating with the cost department such that the professional cost control is within the budget;
    6, Complete other tasks assigned by their seniors.

    Role requirement:
    1, Bachelor degree or above, architectural design, decoration engineering, environmental technology and other related professional, intermediate grade is preferred;
    2,  At least two years of experience in construction technology management, at least two years of on - site construction experience. Can be fully responsible for independent fine decoration site construction management
    3, Skillful in the use of AutoCAD, Photoshop, and Office software;
    4, Familiar with decoration engineering process and decoration materials market;
    5, A good aesthetic ability, active thinking;
    6, Strong sense of responsibility, execution, and professional conduct.

  • Development of construction supervisor / managerShanwei2016/8/30 10:46:001

    Position requirement:
    1, In accordance to the progress of the project, you are responsible for the completion of the task as indicated;
    2, Project planning, construction land planning permits, construction project planning permits, construction permits, commercial housing pre-sale permit, fire, air defense, environmental protection, mine, termite control and drawings submitted for approval and other procedures  
    3, Collection of a variety of data, collate and construction drawings, data archiving to ensure the integrity of the file transfer;  
    4, Preparation of project development reported to the building of the annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly plan, according to plan execution.

    Role requirement:
    1, Reverent degree in engineering design, professional college degree or higher qualification.
    2, 5 years of similar job experience;
    3, Familiar with project development process, keep pace with the latest policies and regulations to ensure the smooth development of the project to be built;
    4, Familiar with Shanwei Planning Bureau of Land and Resources, Nanshan Urban Management, Central Water Bureau, Property Office and other functional departments, and maintain good relations with the government administrative functions;
    5, Familiar with a variety of office software. Excellent communication and coordination skills. Able to withstand pressure.

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