• Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer
  • Director of Branding/Senior Manager
  • Finance Director/Senior Manager
  • Internal Audit Director/Senior Manager
  • Investment Director/Senior Manager
  • Project Accountant
  • Property Consultant
  • Shenzhen
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  • Director of Branding/Senior ManagerShenzhen2023/10/8 10:39:001

    Job Responsibilities:

    1.Develop the promotion strategy ofheadquarters and projects according to the group's development strategy,project practical research, brand positioning, etc.;

    2.Based on the brand positioning,communication strategy, management and operation of the group's self-mediamatrix and other communication channels, monitoring and evaluating the contentcommunication effect;

    3.Plan and organize brand promotionactivities to enhance the commercial and product premium and sales conversionrate of the company's projects;

    4.Responsible for the writing of thecompany's important brands and marketing copy;

    5.Check the content communication qualityand effect of brand-related service providers to ensure that it meets thecompany's brand goals;

    6.Do a good job in external public opinionmanagement, and actively respond to the group's negative public opinion andcrisis public relations;

    7.Other related brand and media work.

    Job requirements:

    1.Bachelor degree or above, major inmarketing and communication;

    2.8-12 years of experience in headquartersor regional brand or marketing promotion of well-known real estate enterprises;

    3.Excellent communication, coordination,organization and market insight;

    4.Result-oriented, strong sense ofresponsibility, active thinking and good aesthetic ability;

    5.Have good professional ethics, no badworking experience in the past.

  • Investment Director/Senior ManagerShenzhen2023/10/8 10:36:381

    Job Responsibilities:

    1. Assist the head of the department toformulate the company's project investment strategy, rationally allocateresources, ensure the support of investment promotion work for theimplementation of the company's business strategy, and realize the stable operationof the project;

    2. Put forward professional plansuggestions, supervise, judge and revise the formulated investment promotionstrategy and implementation;

    3. Comprehensively analyze the products andindustry conditions of competitors, and adjust competitive strategies andmarketing channels in a timely manner;

    4. Organize and review project investmentpricing and investment planning plan, as well as formulate product promotionstrategy, brand strategic plan and brand promotion plan, be responsible for thenegotiation and contact of brand merchants and key customers, maintain customerrelations, and establish brand business information database;

    5. Set up an efficient investment promotionteam to expand the market and ensure the completion of the investment promotiongoals set by the company;

    6. Coordinate the internal and externalrelations of the enterprise, supervise and control the implementation of themarket investment promotion strategic plan;

    7. Organize and formulate the company'sinvestment promotion related management system, norms and processes, and beresponsible for supervising the implementation.

    Job requirements:

    1. Bachelor degree or above, more than fiveyears of investment operation experience in office buildings and commercialreal estate, and more than two years of management experience;

    2. Strong overall management ability,familiar with office buildings and commercial complex operation services, andhave the accumulation of customers in a certain industry;

    3. Proficient in comprehensive real estateknowledge, investment promotion process, investment promotion skills, contractterms and market operation mode, understand relevant work processes, andrelevant laws and regulations;

    4. Have customer service awareness, goodorganization and coordination ability and teamwork spirit, strong execution andcustomer maintenance ability;

    5. Have keen judgment and insight intomarket policies, and make accurate judgments and predictions according tomarket changes;

    6. Have good professional ethics and no badworking experience in the past.

  • Finance Director/Senior ManagerShenzhen2023/10/8 10:32:331

    Job Responsibilities:

    1.Financing management -Formulate financing planning plan and be responsible for its implementation;-Broaden and maintain financing channels, comprehensively plan financingprojects, measure financing costs, review and manage financing projects;

    2.Loan approval and financing loanmanagement;

    3.Participate in loan approval andfinancing lending to ensure that it is achieved according to the company'sbusiness plan;

    4.Control corporate financial risks, guidedepartments to prevent risks caused by changes in the financial environment andpolicies, and avoid risks;

    5.Mortgage management: take the company'sinterests as the starting point to determine the mortgage bank and proportion;

    -Monitor the progress of mortgage and downpayment collection, and follow up the status of fund collection;

    Job requirements:

    1.Full-time bachelor degree or above,major in finance or finance;

    2.More than five years of real estaterelated work experience, familiar with real estate investment and financingmanagement and bank loans, mortgages, funds and other business processes;

    3.Patient and meticulous, good publicrelations skills and interpersonal skills;

    4.Have good professional ethics, no badworking experience in the past.

  • Internal Audit Director/Senior ManagerShenzhen2023/10/8 10:27:031

    Job Responsibilities:

    1.Responsible for establishing the group'sinternal control mechanism and establishing the company's audit and supervisionmanagement system

    2.Responsible for reviewing the rules andregulations of the company, projects and functional lines, issuing internalcontrol audit reports, putting forward suggestions for improvement, andrealizing the soundness and effectiveness of the company's rules and processesand processes;

    3.Responsible for the preparation of theannual audit plan of the group's audit, and after the approval is approved,implement and organize the group's internal audit work, as well as arrangeirregular sampling work, evaluate the compliance of the work and managementactivities of various departments, and put forward rectification opinions onthe existing risks and compliance problems, urge relevant departments toimplement rectification work, and continuously improve the compliance of thegroup's operations;

    4.Responsible for inspecting and acceptingthe group's violations of discipline, and promptly reporting major violationsof discipline cases to the group risk control committee for assessment anddisposal;

    5.Conduct regular or irregular audits ofkey prevention and control departments and personnel;

    6.Participate in the supervision of thegroup's major business activities;

    7.Regularly carry out education andtraining on compliance with laws and regulations, integrity and efficiency forall units of the group, and enhance the compliance awareness and risk control awareness of all employees;

    8.Other work related to the review andsupervision assigned by the chairman.

    Job requirements:

    1.Graduate degree or above in engineering,legal affairs, finance or related majors (excellent experience can be relaxedto undergraduate);

    2.More than 10 years of relevant workexperience in real estate industry audit and supervision, familiar with thedepartment of real estate enterprises, good at engineering audit work, andsolid professional foundation;

    3.Meticulous thinking, high acumen, stronglogical organization, analysis ability, clerical ability, excellentcommunication and expression, coordination and organization ability;

    3.Strong goal-oriented thinking,execution, sense of responsibility and team awareness;

    4.Have good professional ethics, no badworking experience in the past.

  • Property Consultant Shenzhen2023/10/8 9:33:001

    Job Responsibilities:

    1.Customer reception, consulting work, toprovide customers with professional real estate consulting services;

    2.Understand customer needs, providesuitable housing, and conduct business negotiations;

    3.Explore and follow up potential customers, do a good job in customer tracking and contact, and promote the saleor leasing transactions between owners and customers;

    4.Feedback market information, regularly analyzeand evaluate sales data and transaction customer information, and submit salesreports;

    5.Conduct market analysis, formulate salesplans and plans, and complete the planning and marketing of commercial projects;

    6.Other related work designated byleaders.

    Job requirements:

    1. College degree or above, marketingrelated majors are preferred;

    2. More than 3 years of sales experience inagency companies, experience in the same position of well-known real estateenterprises is preferred;

    3. Good sense of customer service andteamwork, strong desire for success and continuous enthusiasm for work;

    4. Have good professional ethics, no badworking experience in the past.

  • Project AccountantShenzhen2023/10/8 10:23:001

    Job Responsibilities:

    1.Daily accounting processing, responsiblefor the accounting matters of the project company, preparing accountingvouchers and issuing financial statements within the specified time every monthto ensure that the accounts and facts are consistent and the account tables areconsistent;

    2.Responsible for the approval and taxdeclaration of the project company's expenses;

    3.Responsible for the current accountingcleaning of the project company;

    4.Prepare operation reports on time everymonth and register contract accounts;

    5.Reconcile accounts with suppliers fromtime to time;

    6.Other related work assigned bysuperiors.

    Job requirements:

    1.28-35 years old, bachelor degree orabove, major in finance, intermediate or above professional title is preferred;

    2.More than 3 years working experience inproject accounting; Proficient in financial management software and officesoftware, strong practicality; Familiar with finance-related laws andregulations, tax policies, real estate industry laws and regulations;

    3.Goal-oriented, strong sense ofresponsibility, active growth, good teamwork ability;

    4.Have good professional ethics, no badworking experience in the past.

  • Assistant to the Chief Financial OfficerShenzhen2023/10/8 10:25:001

    Job Responsibilities:

    1.Assist the financial person in charge toparticipate in the formulation of the group's financial normality, operatingprocedures, financial structure, etc., to ensure the quality of accountinginformation and reduce management costs;

    2.Responsible for preparing the company'scapital use plan, making overall planning for the company's annual capital use,promoting the company's capital balance, writing the company's monthly fundmanagement special analysis report, and putting forward and implementing suggestionsfor improving the company's capital management; Improve the fund managementsystem; Assist in supervising the use of funds and improving the efficiency offund use;

    3.Participate in the review of pricing andincentive policies of the group and each project marketing investment, andprovide professional financial guidance in combination with the company'sbudget objectives;

    4.Responsible for statistics and reviewthe business performance of each business segment, formulate financialstatements and provide financial analysis and suggestions based on thecompany's budget targets and operating conditions;

    5.Assist the financial officer tocoordinate and maintain the relationship between the company and importantexternal institutions such as banking, industry and commerce, taxation,statistics, etc.;

    6.Complete other special tasks assigned bythe chairman and the chief financial officer.

    Job requirements:

    1.Bachelor degree or above in accountingrelated majors, accounting related professional qualifications are preferred;

    2.Experience in the same position in theheadquarters or regional headquarters of well-known real estate enterprises,and relevant experience in capital plan management;

    3.Have good communication and coordinationskills, rigorous thinking, clear logic and strong sense of confidentiality;

    4.Strong sense of responsibility andresult-oriented;

    5.Have good professional ethics, no bad workingexperience in the past.

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