Aggressive, efficient
collaborative, inclusive

Group of "progressive, efficient, collaborative, inclusive" cultural strategy
Establish layers of talent corporate ladder

A professional talented group of people who are “internationalized, professional, career focused, young” and many graduated from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Hong Kong and other famous universities economic professionals, rich in international business experience in the enterprise personnel, a group of senior management.
Knowledge structure and industry background cover real estate development and operation, hotel management, property management, business management, strategic management, brand planning, public relations, financial operations, human resources.

For the Group to sustain and to rapidly develop to provide adequate power, the Group implements the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talented people, improving the team building capacity and ensuring the human resources development of the company. We insist that human resource is the first resource. We are devoted to strengthening senior management personnel, senior technical personnel, highly technical personnel to meet the company’s development requirement. We also have a new team of domestic talents to achieve the Group’s strategic objectives.  We wish to make Great China have a globalized vision as well as becoming an international company.