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The One Mansion is located in Shanwei City CBD Central Administrative District. It is Great China International Group’s major real estate project in Shanwei. It is a city that integrated hotels, commercial, residential service community as a whole.

Opposite the project is Shanwei Bus Terminal, the West is the municipal government; it is 15 minutes to Shanwei high-speed rail station walking east. At the back were Dapeng Mountain and Dapeng Mountain natural ecological resources in the heart of the city. The Community had its sown brand of kindergarten, 4.3 million square meters of commercial facilities, which Including five-star Sheraton Hotel was supporting facilities. It will enjoy the prosperity in the city. It does not only provide a qualitative leap in the quality of the building but also inherit extraordinary temperament in the industry to become a leader in luxury Shanwei apartments.

Great  China Group also has its own renowned property management with stars, and provide high-quality property service for the community. Since the beginning of the construction project, it had drawn the attention of Shanwei city government and the general public. At the moment, the residential and shops are selling well.


Location: Shanwei City, Guangdong Province, the 1st  of Xiangzhoutou  on the west side of city(next to the municipal government)

Nature: integrated

Building area: 180,000 ㎡

Tel: 0660-3291888