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The project is located in Tanghai Wetland Reserve, the overall planning and layout use Cao Fei Lake as the center. It has a vast number of projects including the construction of Dokdo Theme Spa SPA Hotel, landscape tower, floating hotel, the world's top 500 corporate clubs, yacht club, lake surrounding will combine natural ecological environment construction wetland park, luxury five-star hotel, lake view spa villa Club, Great China headquarters, Financial services area and China's top 100 enterprises shadow base, outsourcing industrial park and a large number of sub-projects. The Unique island form has a unique characteristic of buildings. It provides high-end customers with excellent living, conference, vacation and other products and services to create a set of work, life, leisure and other functions in one of the Harbor.


Location: Tanghai Tangshan County, Hebei Province, seven farm farms inside the reservoir

Nature: commercial and residential

Total construction area: 226,000 square meters