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Great China, I love my home  
The project is located in Shenzhen Buji crossing and is mainly for commercial and residential as development. The construction area is about 80,000 square meters. It is located in a superior location to allow you to live in a busy area while enjoying the quietness and have a taste of comfort and leisure.

Great China, Huizhan Ge  
The project is located in Shenzhen Luohu Port in a high-class hotel. The construction area is 3.3 million square meters in a unique prime location. It has unlimited potential to highlight the transcendence of life as well as living a simple, yet high-class life.

Hong  Ming modern city court  
Hong Ming modern city court is located in Nanshan District Venture Road, Nanshan commercial center area; it is only one block away from Haiwang Mansion. It is a place with mature business and residential environment. It is a new iconic building in the central area of Nanshan. The opening of the Western Corridor has accelerated this area to become a logistics, business flow, people hub and modern seaside garden city. It is also one of Shenzhen’s highest potential district for development. The modern city is surrounded by six high-rise buildings along the land, surrounding it is a central garden and sky garden. It provide enough space and scenes for the owner, as well as enriching the territorial level and space. In between are elevator connection between the buildings, that give full consideration to the completeness of the environmental, its safety and confidentiality.

Sceneway Garden
Sceneway Garden is unique and is located in a board bay. It has an open sea view, the environment is fresh and pleasant. It has a lot of popular tourist attraction like Window of the World, Splendid China, Folk Culture Village, Green World, Water Golf Center and Happy Valley; Shenzhen University, high-tech industrial park, science, and technology industrial park are also nearby. Sceneway Garden are five buildings with 32 levels. It has a modern look and is stylish. The overall planning has been carefully layout. The position faced by units are evenly distributed. It is a perfect and comfortable place for residence.

Longzhu Garden  
Longzhu  Garden is located in Shen Hui roadside, next to the Buji government. It is only 700 meters from gateway and 15 minutes to the Luohu central area or train station. It composed of 17 high-rise buildings, with a total construction area of 400,000 square meters.

Seaview Apartment  
Seaview Apartment is located on the main road of Shennan Road, Shenzhen City, it has Coastal Avenue side and is widely spaced. It faced directly to Shenzhen University, surrounded by green area. The environment is exceptional. You can see Shenzhen Bay, Hong Kong, Seaview, landscaped, city, a mountain in a panoramic view. Seaview Apartment Is called Shenzhen’s sea view small and smart apartment; it is a tailor-made comfortable living space design for elites in this high-tech era. The interval design is elegant, practical and has excellent taste, the windows are wide, the interior space had good ventilation and sunlight.  The two apartments are 31 levels,the first two floors are for commercial use. The third to thirty-first level are the exceptional residential area. The single construction area starts from  56.95 square meters, with the most welcomed design – two sitting rooms and two bedrooms.


Great China I love my homeLocation: Shenzhen Buji crossing

Great China Huizhan GeLocation: Shenzhen Luohu Port

Hong Ming modern city courtLocation: Shenzhen Nanshan Venture Road

Sceneway GardenLocation: Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Park

Longzhu GardenLocation: Shenghui Road, Buji, Shenzhen

Seaview ApartmentLocation: Nanshan Kirin Road, Shenzhen