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Great China International Finance Center is the second commercial complex in central area built by Great China International Group, following the Great China International Exchange Square. The total investment involved more than 30 billion yuan, and has been completed and put into use in 2015.

The building is located in Shenzhen CBD and is composed of four buildings. The north and the west sides are urban districts enclosed by Shennan Road, CaiTian Interchange, Huanggang Interchange, etc. The South is connected to  Shenzhen and Hong Kong Huanggang Port and mature cities like Gangxia the east part is connected to business circle and civic center. Surrounding it are the golf course, exhibition centers, It is equipped with facilities including abundance of business, top class hotel service, international brand, Along Shennan main road 480 meters, it became a new landmark of Shenzhen CBD.

Great China International Finance Center changes the situation where single business and multiple businesses are scattered and had successfully combined the office and leisure life. It consists of five formats. It is the center’s most comprehensive business complex. Among them, Block A is the headquarter of the Global Group and had 26 seats.  Block B is the first Hilton Hotel in Southern China; C Block Enterprise Park provides scarce duplex business space, and D Block is the president apartments,Import Germany luxury decoration, and is renowned as the international center, which brings together the world's top luxury brands.

Great China International Financial Center combines five major business alliance apartment including "Global Group Headquarters," the Hilton Hotel, "Enterprise Park," President of the International Center and the five major business alliance apartment. It consolidated business together and has the power to be in charge to show leadership. It is the best of choice for international business to settle and open in Shenzhen.


Address: Futian District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, Shennan Road and Caitian Road Interchange (near Gangxia Station)

Nature: integrated

Construction area: 170,000 ㎡

Tel: 0755-82506999