Take the lead to be the pioneer of the world

is the motto of Huang Shih Tsai, the Chairman of the Board of Great China International Group, but also that of Great China International Group.

  In these 20 years, it is this concept that rooted deeply in the heart of every Chinese citizen to enable rapid development of Great China International Group.

 In the modern  China of  "Scientific development, harmony prosperity," Great China International Group grass rooted in Shenzhen and then aimed to expand around the globe.  Our company aimed to create a cross-border carrier enterprise. Our service concept is "Great China is your friend forever!", we aimed to modernized urban construction; provide service for all the Chinese people across the world, as well as the world’s top 500 enterprises!


    "Develop Together,Prosper Together," carry out social responsibility, build  and create a harmonious society.


    Great China governs the global economy


    Integrity, diligence, cooperation and innovation


     Operating environment
     Financial strength
     Brand Value
    Excellent team