Welcome to the Great China International Group!            

We are based on mutual trust and understanding to begin a good chapter for the Great China together. This understanding and trust are the reasons why our team strives to improve and move forward.            

Great China advocated the spirit of space “For the People”,which makes us focus on the details、demand quality and pursuit the harmony between nature and men’s pursuit of architecture,as well as to create rapid development for China to create a healthy and harmonious environment. This spirit allows us to invest hundreds time more enthusiasm to help others  for the benefits of the public,and give back to the community as our responsibility.            

Responsibility is the fundamental enterprise conduct,it is also the value of the corporate brand, and its sustainable competitiveness,a harmony society is the foundation and soil for enterprise development. In modern China that advocate “Scientific Development、harmony and prosperity”,Great China International Group will act as the pioneer of building a harmonious society,we have the duty to promote environmental protection, social welfare undertakings and provide a real contribution to the development!            

At present, China is realising its great rejuvenation of its China Dream, and Great China is also creating its dream in this era.“It takes hundreds of years of good prayers to cross a river in a boat with someone”it is a miracle for everyone from different background to gather and form Great China,and for each of our Great China colleague who join us,good prospect and industrial changes create a miracle for each of us,I look forward to seeing you show your talents in Great China, a stage that is full of opportunities, challenges, and passions, to make your “China Dream” becomes a reality.            

The"China Dream" of Great China, is grass rooted on the harmony development of China, it is based in Shenzhen, and will be targeted to expand in the globe. We are aspired to become a leader in adding value to the city and become a flagship in leading the global economy. We wish to build a carrier-class enterprise without borders!